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The Black Liberation Movement

The Black Liberation Movement

The Black Liberation MovementThe Black Liberation MovementThe Black Liberation Movement
The Liberated Voices Responds:


"We won’t perish because of the impact of the rock thrown in the water (Coronavirus)...we’ll suffer from the ripples (job shut downs, school shut downs, system shut downs) it cause. We must build and fortify the Black Nation." ~P.A.T.ologist


Mission Statement:

The Black Liberation Movement is a movement born from the fight our ancestors waged against the historic oppression of racism/white supremacy.  It is "today" a movement rebirthed by Black thinkers, historians, educators, and organizing facilitators determined to empower and restore Black people to a respectful and honorable position. This will be accomplished through Black people's own self-will and determination to self-sustain and thrive. 



  • Register 1,000,000 certified members
  • Circulate 'Black Liberated Voices' newsletter
  • Establish Black Chamber of Commerce and more black businesses  
  • Build black wealth within our neighborhoods to increase buying power and re-channel resources as a community.
  • Sustain an agricultural system that allows black people to feed ourselves.



We intend to build systems of black power "By Any Means Necessary."

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